Imperium (2016): White people can be terrorists too

What is it about?

Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) is a young and upcoming government agent. He dreams of a world where nice people are all around you and everyone rides a unicorn. Yeah, good luck with that.

His main focus is to get the bad guys away from the streets but he’s only interested in Muslim terrorists until a more experienced agent (Toni Collette) recruits him to investigate neo-nazi motherfuckers who are planning something big. He successfully infiltrates among skinheads and learns about their philosophy and lifestyle.

The nazis range from common street thugs who can barely read, to engineers with wife and kids. Go figure.

Who should watch it?

  • Should I watch it with my kid(s)?

    No. It’s not really a movie for kids. The subject is heavy, and it’s really not that entertaining for a kid.

  • Is it good to watch on a date?

    It could be super fun to watch on a date if you’re both neo-Nazi scum and then you can point everything the Hollywood got wrong about your movement.

  • For what age and gender is it intended?

    For everyone that’s 16 or older.

What can I expect from this movie?

  • Will I fall off the couch laughing and have sore abs the next day due to laughing too hard?


  • Is my brain going to implode trying to figure out the movie?


  • Will I learn anything from this movie?

    Yes. When Daniel Radcliffe shaves his head, his badass factor increases from 9 to 10. Out of 1.000.000.

  • Is it based on something?


  • Is this movie a must-see?

    No. It’s a decent movie, but nothing that will be remembered in a year or two.

Similar movies like “Imperium”?

If you are looking for more movies with undercover cops/agents, you can try with “The Departed”, “Donnie Brasco”, or “Eastern Promises”, which are all better than “Imperium”.

Judgment time!

It’s an okay, movie, but nothing special. The plot is way too rushed. Daniel Radcliffe gets from hanging out with common skins to sharing secrets with the top neo-Nazi dog in a couple of weeks. I am not an expert of undercover investigations, but I’m pretty sure this kind of operations take months, if not years. So this is a major flaw.

Another flaw is that Daniel Radcliffe is not a convincing skinhead. He looks way to fragile and, I don’t know… polite, even with his head shaved.

Other than that, it was a fun movie to watch but I think I will forget about it real soon. I give it 6/10.



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