Miller’s Crossing (1990): It’s the best movie Coen brothers ever made!

What is it about?

Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne) is caught in the middle of the war between two mobs in the Prohibition era. Dwindling from one side to another, Reagan is playing a dangerous game and realizes that one of the mob bosses will have to lose if there is any for Tom to survive. What follows is an epic blend of violent deaths, witty remarks

What follows is an epic blend of violent deaths and witty remarks.

Who should watch it?

  • Should I watch it with my kid(s)?

No, you should not! “Miller’s Crossing” has an abundance of shootouts, on-screen deaths, and a lost of bad language. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not for kids

  • Is it good to watch on a date?

Absolutely. It’s a funny movie that will bring you much joy.

  • For what age and gender is it intended?

Pretty much for everyone older than 16 and especially for people who like Coen brothers.

 What can I expect from this movie?

  • Will I fall off the couch laughing and have sore abs the next day due to laughing too hard?

It’s entirely possible! Even though it’s far from being a pure comedy, “Miller’s Crossing” has so many funny lines, it’s actually funnier than most pure comedies. And when you add all the action to it, it becomes awesome.

  • Is my brain going to implode trying to figure out the movie?


  • Will I learn anything from this movie?

Yes. If you’re a crime boss, you will probably die.

  • Is it based on something?

It’s loosely based on Dashiell Hammet’s novel “The Glass Key”. And when I say loosely, I mean loosely.

Definitely. I am sorry to see that this movie is not recognized as one of the best gangster movies of all times. It’s a true masterpiece and as such is a definitely a must-see.

Similar movies like “Miller’s Crossing”?

For similar movies, I recommend Yojimbo”, from which “Miller’s Crossing” borrows some of the plot, and “The Last Man Standing”, which not as good, but it’s a decent action movie with Bruce Willis.

Of course, I encourage you to try some other movies from Coen brothers as well.

Judgment time!

“Miller’s Crossing” is, by far, the best Coen movie ever made. It has everything you would possibly want from a movie. A decent plot, fast-paced dialogue swarming with witty remarks. At one point, I laughed so hard, I couldn’t keep up with the dialogue. They just kept throwing hilarious lines at me!

As mentioned before, the movie borrows a bit from Yojimbo, but not in a way that it is pure plagiarism. It just takes the concept of one very skilled men that works for both sides and puts it in the Prohibition era. But, it adds a tremendous amount of humor and clever dialogue, combined with lots of action and intense atmosphere. All of that together makes a brilliant movie.

Many people claim it’s a ripoff of “Glas Key” (1942), but I didn’t see the movie so I can’t judge about that.

All things considered, “Miller’s Crossing” is an amazing movie and deserves 10/10.








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