Orphan (2009): Cute, little, evil.


What is it about?

A young couple comes to an orphanage to adopt a new kid. Somehow, from all the available kids, they manage to pick a psychopath. Now that’s just bad luck. Or plain stupid. I mean, look at her eyes! It’s pure evil!

Being adorable at first, Esther starts to manifest some strange behavior. She is manipulative, mean (Although, aren’t all girls like that?), and super weird. Trying to understand her, her new mom starts digging up Esther’s past and discovers a horrible truth about her.


Who should watch it?

  • Should I watch it with my kid(s)?

No. Even though the main character is a kid, this is definitely not a movie for kids. It’s scary!

  • Is it good to watch on a date?

Not really. It’s dark and not fun at all. The prognosis for being in the mood for sex is very, very unfavorable.

  • For what age and gender is it intended?

It’s for everyone older than 16. The only people who should not watch it, are parents that just recently adopted a kid. They might get the urge to return the kid.

What can I expect from this movie?

  • Will I fall off the couch laughing and have sore abs the next day due to laughing too hard?

No. I don’t remember a single laughable scene.

  • Will I get scared?

It was pretty scary for me. Esther does some pretty nasty stuff and you just don’t expect that from a 9-year old girl.

  • Is my brain going to implode trying to figure out the movie?

No. I doubt you will be able to figure out Esther’s deal right from the start, but the movie is really easy to follow.

  • Will I learn anything from this movie?

Yeah. Don’t trust little girls.

  • Is this movie a must-see?

It’s a great horror movie, but it’s not a must see.

Similar movies like “Orphan”?

You can try with The Visit, The Others, Psycho, or The Good Son.

Judgment time!

Orphan is a very good horror movie with a decent twist that I definitely couldn’t predict. Esther is scary, and being small and adorable makes her even scarier! There aren’t that many movies that have kids as the main villains, so this was a refreshing concept. We have too many horror movies where kids scream excessively and act like idiots. It’s nice to

We have too many horror movies where kids scream excessively and act like idiots. It’s nice to see a movie every now and then where the kid is an evil genius and the grownups act like idiots. It’s not the best horror movie I saw, but it’s well above average. I give it 8/10.



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