In the Heart of the Sea (2015): A decent movie that could have been much better.

What is it about?

“In the Heart of the Sea” is a story about a real event that took place in 1820. when a whale-hunting ship “Essex” got destroyed by an angry whale. It’s a bit of an overreaction. I mean, they were just trying to kill him and drain his oil. He sure took it personally.

What follows is a sea-faring drama where the hunters have became hunted and now they don’t want any oil. They just want to get home alive. Easier said than done.

Who should watch it?

  • Should I watch it with my kid(s)?

It should be alright to watch it with your kids, as long as they are interested in the movie. There are some death scenes involved, but nothing too gory.

  • Is it good to watch on a date?

It could be great if you are both fans of Moby Dick.

  • Who should watch it?

    Everyone who likes sea-faring dramas, particularly fans of Moby Dick.

 What can I expect from this movie?

  • Will I fall off the couch laughing and have sore abs the next day due to laughing too hard?


  • Is my brain going to implode trying to figure out the movie?

No. It’s really simple.

  • Will I learn anything from this movie?

Not even Thor is a match for an enraged whale. That monster has some serious power and should be offered a place among The Avengers or some other superhero group. Not sure how would he communicate with the rest of the group, though…And he’s probably dead anyway…

  • Is it based on something?

It’s based on a non-fiction book “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex,” written by Nathaniel Philbrick. Way before Philbrick, Herman Melville wrote “Moby Dick”, based on the same event, but unlike Philbrick’s book, his was a fiction. So this is NOT based on a “Moby Dick”. There is no captain Ahab here.

It’s a great movie, but not a must-see.

Similar movies like “In the Heart of the Sea”?

Moby Dick (1956).

Judgment time!

“In the Heart of the Sea” is a decent depiction of an actual event. It could have been a lot better and more epic, but decent is what we got. The whole whale-hunting business is presented authentically and you really get the know the circumstances and the atmosphere of whale-hunting in the 1820’s.

But when it comes to the main topic of the movie, the battle with an enormous whale, the movie falls short. It’s just not grandiose enough for my taste. That’s why I give this movie 7/10.



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