The Stepford Wives (1975): No such thing as a perfect wife!

What is it about?

Joanna Eberhart comes to an adorable little town called Stepford with her family. At first, everything seems fine, but soon Joanna starts noticing an unusual behavior of other wives in Stepford. They are all just too damn perfect! All they want to do is to clean house, cook meals, and make their husbands happy! Oh, hell no! Not on Joanna’s watch!

Trying to find out what is going on, Joanna discovers a horrible truth not only about Stepford but about her husband as well.

Who should watch it?

  • Should I watch it with my kid(s)?

It’s a great movie but I sincerely doubt it that it will be appealing to kids so you might want to skip showing it to them.

  • Is it good to watch on a date?

Sure. A movie about robotic females who only want to please their husbands sounds like a great choice for a date night.

  • For what age and gender is it intended?

Anyone above 16 could find this movie interesting but I’m guessing that older people will appreciate it more.

What can I expect from this movie?

  • Will I get scared?

It’s technically a horror movie (among other things), it’s really not that scary. It’s more of a mystery than it is a horror. If you are looking for something that will make you shit your pants, this movie won’t do it. Your pants will stay clean.

  • Will I fall off the couch laughing and have sore abs the next day due to laughing too hard?

There are several moments that will give you a chuckle or two but nothing to make you laugh hard.

  • Is my brain going to implode trying to figure out the movie?

No. It’s rather easy to follow.

  • Will I learn anything from this movie?

Yeah. If your wife wants nothing else but to serve you, it means that, at some point, you killed her and replaced her with a robotic version, you heartless bastard!

  • Is it based on something?

Yes. It’s based on Ira Levin’s book “The Stepford Wives”.

  • Is this movie a must-see?

It’s a wonderful movie but it’s not exactly something you MUST see. Nobody will make fun of you if you admit you haven’t seen it.

Similar movies like “The Stepford Wives”?

If you are looking for similar movies, you might want to go with The Shining, or  Rosemary’s Baby (1968), which is another movies based on Ira Levin’s book.

Judgment time!

This is a very good sci-fi thriller with an interesting premise and really great atmosphere. Even though it’s over 40 years old, it still brings value to the viewer and can stand its ground against newer movies. I give it a 7/10.


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